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VSCode on Linux

I have been debating the IDE I should use. I’ve been a long time subscriber (but not long time user) of Genuitec’s distribution of Eclipse. I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with Eclipse and many of its distributions. Perhaps it’s because I started out as a ‘vi’ guy, I could never truly click with the big IDE, even though it had many features I really liked.

Not to get into too much of a conversation on IDE pros and cons, I decided to try Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. This was a product of wanting to delve into Unity programming, and VSCode being the default, cross-platform editor for Unity (Visual Studio Community is not available for Linux) and the thinking maybe a very light-weight IDE would be better. I could add extensions as I go and either have an IDE I am comfortable with, or have a better idea of what I want in a grown up IDE.

However, VS Code (on Linux) was refusing to behave fully. I knew I did want some basic, grown-up features like code outlines, code folding and Intellisense. Everything I read said it should be working, even on Linux. Thinking I needed to install an extension or two, I spent time installing and uninstalling extensions. Features seemed to come and go at random. Figuring it out was taking just as long as I was afraid it would.

Finally, I stumbled onto a forum post for MacOS and VSCode. Knowing these days products are built in very similar ways for Linux and Mac, I read it through. I ended thinking, “no, it can’t be that easy…” It was.

export FrameworkPathOverride=/usr/lib/mono/4.5

VSCode just couldn’t find my .Net libraries. Go forth and code!

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VSCode on Linux

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