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TDD in Squeak

Given the publication date of “Squeak by Example” I shouldn’t have been surprised to see mention of Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development. I had seen mention of the Test Runner before but had not given it much thought, so it was interesting to see it called out in the introduction chapter along with the mention of Test Driven Development.

What was also interesting (and unexpected) was to see ALL of the tests for Squeak itself there! An interesting concept. It’s like testing your code in the Eclipse IDE and being able to test (and change) Eclipse on the fly. As a curiosity, I decided to select and run ALL of the tests (2,719 of them). This was a mistake by the way, don’t do it. I did something not quite right and so it seems the tests are hung trying to run and I can’t find a way to stop them. So I’ll likely have to shutdown the image without saving. Fortunately, there was nothing I really wanted to save. Of course, had I read a couple more paragraphs I would have seen the warning about not all tests actually running correctly as the image was likely shipped while still fixing certain bugs and those tests already existed!

What a concept…

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TDD in Squeak

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