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A Little Squeaking Today

I spent some time today in Squeak. Actually, the last couple of days. The process of getting setup to go instigated a couple of distractions, such as the need/desire to organize all my technical eBooks. They are scattered across several disk drives, laptops and backups. While I use Library Thing to organize my print books, I had yet to get around to finding something for my eBooks. I started playing with Calibre which I actually quite like, but it is a local solution only and I tend to work from multiple laptops. Then I discovered Google Play Books has the ability to upload your own books! However, I digress…

Squeak, yes that’s what this was all about. I am still using Squeak V3 because I really want to try out the examples in “Squeak by Example.” I am messing with it on a Windows 8 Lenovo ThinkPad Helix and a Linux Lenovo Thinkpad W520. Based on my previous messing around with Squeak on both of these machines, it took only about 5 minutes before I was again distracted; this time by the desire to purchase a 3 button mouse with a scroll wheel. Now, it tuns out the W520 trackpad does in fact have a working 3 button layout and since this will be my main machine, I could live without it. But the Helix is a total PITA to use without it, so I felt justified in ordering at least one.

After a bit of research I opted for the Logitech M510. It was actually reviews of its mini cousin the M325 I mostly read about, but I wanted the larger size so decided the M510 would rate about the same.

After just a single day I am pleased with the purchase. I did have to set the ‘swapMouseButtons’ property as described on page 7 of the book. The way the book described it I felt I should not have had to do that. Perhaps that is an artifact of time. Regardless, it worked like a champ and it really does make working in the IDE far more enjoyable, so I add my voice to the author’s in suggesting you purchase a 3 button mouse for smother Squeaking.

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A Little Squeaking Today

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