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Squeak Videos (mp4)

Scroll down to see a small collection of 5-20 second videos of “Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots” in action. Click on each one to see it play (they have no sound). Note: this page currently does not display properly on some devices (like my iPhone SE). Hopefully I will fix this eventually….

Starting up the Bots Inc. environment that accompanies the “Squeak: Learning Programming With Robots” book.

Creating a new Robot interactively.

Use the robot to draw a square interactively.

Controlling the robot with a script.

Using a loop to draw a square.

Learning about incrementors.

Experimenting with our script.

Finding the Method Browser.

Exploring the built-in Bots Inc. methods.

Writing our first method.

Reusing our ‘square’ method in new ways.